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Legal & Partner

Legal & Partner

At some point in their lives, almost everyone requires the services of an attorney. And yet, people are often too intimidated by the fear of high fees to consult with a lawyer when they need one. So they turn to the Internet, hoping to find the answers they need on their own.


Of course, searching on the Internet - with its overabundance of generic information from a variety of questionable sources - creates a new set of problems for the legal layperson. Which site has the right answer for you? If you’re not a lawyer, it’s hard to know.


And what about all the legal jargon? Even if you find the right information, it may be hard to understand.


QNC was created with the vision of helping the general public navigate the frequently technical, highly specialized, often confusing field of law. We do this by offering:


- Round-the-clock telephone advice;

- A directory of lawyers located all across the USA and Canada; and

- An online platform - Legalandpartner.com - where you can pose your legal questions to lawyers at the price of your choice.


On everything from family law to loan agreements, our lawyers understand the nuances of the law and are ready and waiting to give legal advice that’s easy to understand.


We also offer a legal shop, where you can choose from a wide variety flat-fee, easy-to-use products that have been created by our lawyers with your everyday needs in mind. Need to create a will? Need a contract with your childcare provider? Check out the shop for a broad array of options.


Legal & Partner:

1. Ask a question

2. Set the Price

3. Get Advice

First Aid
♦ Fast, simple, uncomplicated.
♦ First aid for legal questions
♦ Advice-seekers determine the price
♦ Total cost control
♦ Attorney decides whether price is appropriate, given difficulty and complexity of question
♦ Answer generally received within the hour
♦ Payment by credit card