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If community-building is at the heart of our legal services, it’s also at the heart of our web designs. Regardless of your line of business, our first step is to determine the profile and needs of the community you aim to build. What’s the point of a beautiful website with big, colourful, flashy files if your clients expect to find detailed product specifications on your site?


QNC specializes in designing easy-to-understand, user-friendly websites − in other words, websites that "work." Your readers need to find what they're looking for immediately. Instinctively. Intuitively. Functionality and usability: that’s the goal. And then, of course, it's got to look good! We know how to keep the whole picture in mind while focusing on what’s really important.


Sandra Wallenhorst

For professional triathlete Sandra Wallenhorst, QNC developed an image gallery. The site was built in Flash and features easy maintenance by loading external data.